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decayREVIEWS : EN NIHIL “The Approaching Dark” CD (Eibon Records, 2012)

ennihilEN NIHIL is one of those artists that remains back in the shadows , with much more of a modest output than many of todays noise/experimental artists who release literally everything they record. THE DARK PULSING SKULL that is En NIHIL has chosen his position- remaining a bit in the shadows, while crafting throbbing, articulate noise / drone / dark ambient / harsh from
An unassuming position in the dark mist. I have a few of his releases and they are all composed and compiled with care, craft, and attention to detail, with the latest release, “The Approaching Dark” being no exception.
This disk flows seemlessly through harsh noise, rhythmic dark industrial, ambient spaced out textures and swelling rhythmic intensity blend together to give breath to the harsh blasts that lay beneath a thick yet subtle fog. Each sound on the disc comes across as intentional and deliberate – again and again combed over – no happy accidents here – every sound is carefully and conceptually placed to create an interesting and ominous space- giving way to the next and last sound; texture tension rod of black smoke .
At times super harsh and blasted out, and at other times restrained , EN NIHIL Creates a delicate balancing act of harsh abrasive pulsing attacks, desolate and  near classical like compositions fueled by pulled back ambient sections which make the louds louder and are a wonderfully paced black breath to the overall ebb and flow of the disk. Composition wise, the disk doesn’t let up – a perfect balance of dense, anxiety ridden movements  and sparse  textured based tracks make this disk a fluid and theatrical atmosphere- just abrasive enough- and the  artwork fully supports the sound, very high quality all around. This is  bleak, dissonant soundscapes  for a  future vision of the  absence of a current polluted consciousness. Be on the lookout if you can ever  catch him live, because  performances are  few and far between.
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IN NIHIL - The Approaching Dark

IN NIHIL is a combo that I just met and that surprised me greatly Dark Ambient sound combined with a degree of experimentation bright covering completely sober and efficient instrumentation. The music itself of its new "The Approaching Dark" is simply suffocating from start to finish. With a breathtaking atmosphere and very dark, IN NIHIL have developed nine environmental courts that have an effect on the listener drowning.

The subtle melodies and synthesizers spanning the stage in this work, while the thousand and one details behind each passage make "The Approaching Dark" disc ideal for music lovers and especially more experimental, dark.
Eibon Records (2013)
Rating: 7/10

Review: EN NIHIL "The Approaching Dark"
cd 2013 - Eibon Records

Adam Fritz is the schizophrenic mind of project EN NIHIL active for many years in the panorama noise / industrial. Over time, the American composer has published numerous record releases that have allowed him to occupy a prominent place in the scene of the aforementioned genre. His compositions are the monument of folly, an impressive architectural block put before our limp bodies! Ostiche sounds, inhuman, and especially difficult to listen to assimilate. You have to be psychologically involved to appreciate this industrial metamorphosis, this controlled chaos that reveals an imaginary frightening! If any ordinary person were to listen to only the first track of this CD could risk really mad and immediately turn off the stereo, but, on the contrary, you are the fucking geeks gender and Mr. Fritz then you will be welcomed in his room pain, and from there it will be impossible to escape. I personally appreciate these sounds because consumption tons of dark ambient, martial, industrial ... So, listening to "The Approaching Dark" I was not at all upset. Of the nine tracks total stimulated me the most: "Frozen Postures", "The Hearts relent," and the title track. The album will be available from February 25.


"APPROACHING THE DARK" TRACKLIST: Empire Of The Tombs, Frozen Postures, The Hearts relent, Human Animal, Futile Man - The Weight Of Absolution Souls to Cease, Vulture Reign, The Approaching Dark, Darkfall. 


One of the best (and most criminally overlooked) American death industrial outfits, En Nihil (aka Adam Fritz) has engaged in a flurry of activity over the past two years after nearly a decade of silence, a resurgence that brings us yet another excellent Cd of morbid ambient drift, crushing dark industrial and grueling death-drone in the form of The Approaching Dark. Released by Italy's Eibon Records, The Approaching Dark showcases a new nine-track descent into the Styx that begins with the deep cavernous rumblings of subterranean machinery and the chittering and snarling of graveyard vermin, before dropping off into vast sprawling cloudscapes of blissed-out cosmic synth and muted, murky melodies. Fritz has always utilized a diverse palette of sounds to create En Nihil's often nightmarish music, and here it takes shape via the use of choral voices and elegiac keyboards, washes of gorgeous gothic sound and eerie blown-out melodies that are woven in and around the heavier, more violent eruptions of crackling black noise and grinding machinelike throb, these compositions marked by a skillful use of subtle melodies that are blended into the harsher industrial sounds.
Moving deeper into the album, you encounter monstrous mutilated organs oozing over rumbling engines and hellish electronic chaos, haunting yet ultra-distorted melodies and delicate piano keys pushed through crumbling walls of noise, stretches of ghastly digital dark ambience in the vein of later Lustmord, Luasa Raelon and Band Of Pain that evoke extreme psychological states of fear, paranoia, dread. What Fritz is doing on Approaching Dark in particular reminds me of Luasa Raelon's cold, lightless brand of industrial horror, though En Nihil uses more percussive sounds and narco-trance loops, and the layers of crackling, corrosive noise that appear beneath the mechanical rattling and death-machine whirr are far harsher and heavier. The album concludes with the an almost cinematic orchestral elegy that sounds like some apocalyptic post-rock main theme unfolding over the sound of distant earthquakes and crumbling cities, a surprising but highly effective close to this relentlessly dark album.
Anyone into the inhuman mechanical horrors found in the sounds of the Cathartic Process camp and the pitch-black industrial drift of Luasa Raelon will dig En Nihil's similarly grinding assaults and desolate ambience found on this excellent disc of heavy, pitch-black factory rituals. Comes in a gatefold jacket.

En Nihil – The Approaching Dark CD Eibon Records 2012
The long standing project En Nihil returns with a new album, which on face value stylistically fits with the current crop of American acts cultivating the grey areas between dark ambient, death industrial and power electronics genres.
Album opener ‘The Tomb of Empire’ acts as a relatively short intro piece, which has a tonal range spanning a low humming drone at the bottom end, coupled with blasting static at the forefront and upper ranges.  This piece then bleeds seamlessly into ‘Frozen Posture’, which with its rumbling mass and subtle textural elements shifts towards an isolationist ambient frame.  Alternately ‘The Hearts Relent’ is a total surprise (given the tracks which precede it), containing a melancholic fragility evoked though through a sparse orchestral melody and distant hummed vocals.  Although unexpected, it works exceptionally well in a restrained and cinematic dark ambient style.  ‘Futile Man – The Weight of Absolution’ is another stand out, with tonality quite akin to the fractured and digital filtered laptop sound of Fennesz – although this piece does move away from the summery electronica atmospheres of the aforementioned project to heavier distorted death industrial realms.
In covering yet more sonic territory ‘Souls to Cease’ delivers some buried factory ambience which builds in static intensity as the piece progresses.  Likewise ‘Vulture Reign’ pushes a heavier and more forceful power electronics sound with its rough loops and cascading noise and squalled distortion – excellent stuff.  Final album track ‘Darkfall’ provides another moment of listening respite, being a bleak and desolate slab of dark ambience built on a cyclic melody and muffled distant storm rumblings – a musical statement of relative calm and great concluding piece.

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